MiFID Reporting Eligibility Checker

Financial Instruments Reference Data Lookup for UK and Europe

Enter ISIN or string of Isins separated by comma. Click View Results to retrieve information from ESMA and the FCA FIRDS databases.

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This tool determines the MiFID II transaction reporting obligations for a specific instrument by querying both the FCA FIRDS and ESMA FIRDS databases. This addresses Article 26(2)of MiFIR reportability. Users must enter underlying instrument codes individually in this tool to determine reportability of underlying instruments. Instruments are searched by ISIN and a list of venues and timestamps are retrieved. This data is downloadable to a csv file for further analysis by the user. Users requiring more complex search criteria are encouraged to contact Qomply who can make available further tools.

Disclaimer: Important: This tool is for information purposes only. Qomply can in no case be held responsible for the exactness of the results.

MiFID Requires Periodic Checks of Transaction Reports

Regulations state that firms must ensure the accuracy of their transaction reports.

The Qomply Report Assure Suite includes a sophisticated accuracy engine as well as a trade reconciliation tool - covering key aspects of the control framework for transaction reporting. This suite of tools enables firms to conduct comprehensive healthchecks on their transaction reports - both before and after submission to the regulator.

The process is simple and efficient - made easier by using the FCA's MDP file to retrospectively check trades sent to the FCA. With over 1000 logic checks on the 65 transaction fields, Qomply offers one of the most comprehensive healthchecks in the market.

Comprehensive checks at an attractive price point.

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